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Seven day Comprehensive Assessment

This in-depth assessment is done when the patient is staying with us (with or without family). Assessment involves intense daily sessions with: psychologist (focusing on key areas that would have immediate benefits); pharmacist(medication education and adherence ); mental health nurses( insight building sessions as part of psycho education ); physician( physical health assessment); occupational therapist (skills for independent living); and psychiatrist (formulating diagnosis and initial stabilisation on medications).

Patients will also receive social skills training,and self regulation / relaxation training. Families attend sessions that focus on education, treatment adherence and support. This seven-day programme assesses problems and strengths and sets in motion a goal-driven recovery plan. We also provide a file that includes all our assessment reports. The treatment team discusses the report and recommendations with the patient’s family. The comprehensive assessment must be booked in advance as we offer only few places at any one time.