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1. Model Intervention Programme for Neuro Developmental Disorders ( MINDDs).

We partner with Local Self Governments, Open mind , and Education Department, to provide free assessment intervention , and ongoing support and care. Teachers and parents receive regular training and assistance. Year one children in 75 schools participate in this ambitious project.

2. Janarogya General Practice :

We provide a new way of caring for common physical health problems in the local community. Our clinic encourages self-management of health problems, to the extent possible. Our holistic approach explores social, psychological, and physical dimensions of illness. We provide evidence based care following Inmind’s own guidelines; our guidelines reflect our the policy of ‘ use medicines where clear rationale and evidence exists’. All patients with chronic disorders also attend our weekly PATH ( Positive Action for Total Health) groups where various psychological techniques including mindfulness , CBT and Hypnosis are used to validate illness experiences, create inner awareness, teach practical stress management techniques, and foster positive approaches. We endeavor to create a compassionate and understanding environment for our patients.

3. Subsidised IP care

We offer subsidised IP care and free assessment for individuals facing economic hardships. Patients or carers can apply directly at our front office to avail this benefit. Presently, patients or their carers are not required to produce any certificates in order to be considered for free assessment and subsidized care.

4. Free OP care

We issue pre-approved free care cards to doctors, people’s representatives ,social activists and school head teachers. For every deserving patient referred, we send the referrer another free care card to support their efforts to bring care and support to those in our community struggling with the twin burdens of poverty and mental illness.

5. Mental Health Helpline for Government Schools

We provide telephone advice and support to teachers in public sector schools in three districts ( Thrissur, Malappuram and Palakkad). The help line isavailable from 9 am to 5 pm. We also conduct training workshops for teachers and parents,for this purpose we work closely with local self governments and schools.